Cantails was created by brothers Myles & Kit who wanted to be able to enjoy great tasting cocktails with ultimate ease.

They meticulously source all the natural ingredients for their cocktails; from elderflower in the Cotswolds, lemon juice from Spain, even making their own cold brew coffee in London. Each ingredient is specifically chosen by the brothers to make sure their drinks are of the highest quality.

Each cocktail is batched into an aluminium can, the most widely recycled packaging material. Making their mixed beverages incredibly



We hope you enjoy your Cantails!


Brothers Myles and Kit are big cocktail fans though found it frustrating when having to buy lots of different spirits, liqueurs and ingredients to make cocktails.

They wanted to create a product that would allow anyone to enjoy great cocktails quickly and easily, without the need to have lots of different spirits and ingredients.

All of the recipes are created by Myles and Kit using premium spirits, juices and natural flavours.

C O N T A C T     U S

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